Druid Gorsedd Europa April 2020

We are organising a gathering for members of the Druid grade, which is called Druid Gorsedd.


DATES: 3, 4 and 5 April 2020

From England comes Matt McCabe.

Location: We have a couple of options. The number of people attending and the activities planed will decide which one we’ll go for. They are in the East of Holland and the West of Germany.
Cost: we aim to stay close to E 300,- for the weekend.

Main topics of the weekend

  1.  The continental stories (song lyrics included) of the Celts and their continental gods, goddesses and druids.
  2. The place of the druids within and without the groves. This weekend, we will zoom in on creating and performing initiations, we will prepare a druid initiation together and execute it during the weekend.
  3. The future of the Druid Gorsedd on the continent.

Are you interested in attending this Gorsedd or do you want more information? Please send a message to webmaster@druiderij.nl

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