Druid Grade Gorsedd Europa 29-31 October 2021

The first OBOD Druid Grade Gorsedd will be a platform, where druid grade members of OBOD can share their experiences and learn from one another. The Gorsedd by and for OBOD Druids will take place in a green oases in Winterberg, Germany. British OBOD-teacher Matt McCabe will accompany us on our journey and he will lead the way to the Druid initiation. An initiation that we will all participate in, in one way or another.
As a central theme, we’re going to look into our continental Celtic history and pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and work with them.

Last weekend of October or later

Between € 195,- (depending on number of participants). Bed (single rooms), coffee, tea and vegetarian/vegan food included. Gluton and Lactose free meals are possible. Other diets will require you to take your own food with you.

Winterberg-Niedersfeld, Germany
We will have to do some housekeeping ourselves at this location.
Notice: we all have to take stairs.

The weekend will be in English.

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