Save the date – International Obod Camp 2022!

Dear OBOD-Friends,

We experience challenging and changing times. Many OBOD-activities will not be able in 2020, like the Glastonbury Gathering, the Druid gorsedd and many of our grove and seedgroup gatherings.
So many things that were not possible in 2020 are postponed to 2021. And don´t forget the many private celebrations and festivities that are now scheduled for 2021.

We planned the next international OBOD camp for end of May 2021. Based on all activities, Obod and others that are now planned for 2021, we think a big camp will hardly fit in the schedule of people in the next year. And a minimum number of participants is simply required for organising a successful camp. So our dutch&german&belgium international planning team decided to offer this big event a year later in 2022.

As soon as we know about date, place and venue we will publish the information on, Obod websites, Facebook, Dryade and other newsletters.

So we keep in touch and we are looking very forward to celebrate with you a big camp again in 2022!

Blessings for the wellbeing of you, your loved ones and our lovely Earth and all living beings.

Yours, under the Oaktree,
Jol, Bettina and Egbert

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